Our Horses

A few of the comments received have asked me to have a “My Horses” page so people can see what the names mentioned look like.  So here it is:

Sue and her horses

Sue and her horses at feeding time

In the above pictue are Kenny, Stewie, Ron, Jolly and Zen.  Pan and Mimi are on the other side of the fence in the distance, and Will is at Carlos Tabernaberri’s Boarding School for Young Equines.

Will in the float

Will in the float on a training run, he didn’t like the camera

Will-be with Mel in his TTEAM wraps

Saint Jolly

Saint Jolly of the Fuzzy Ears


Pantalaimon (“Pan”)

Ron (Doc’s Red Ransome) and Lexie

Stewie and Sue

Stewie and Sue

Stewart Little (“Stewie”)

Mimi aka “Stormhill Corona Moon”

Sue and Mimi in Connected Riding Halter

Zen (aka Sienna Hi-liter)

Zen and the breastfeeding Alyssa

Kennie checking out the feed bucket


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