2013 TTouch for Horses Clinic with Robyn Hood

It was a fantastic two workshops with Robyn Hood this month.  Friday was a one day TTouch for You.  Robyn introduced the basic Tellington Method concepts and described how the work,  originally for Horses, and later for Companion Animals, was found to be extremely effective on humans too!  To not stress their animals while they were learning, people simulated working on their pets by working on each other.  One participant, who will remain nameless, hadn’t read the flyer properly and “Wouldn’t have come if I’d realised it wasn’t for horses….”  They were very excited when at the end of the day they were able to comfortably sit crosslegged on the floor, something which had been causing pain for years.  It was a diverse group of people but everyone seemed to be enjoy themselves and learn simple things they could do to help bring relief from chronic and other pains and improve functional posture.    The colorful Wraps were a lot of fun to explore and with Robyn’s help and using the “All Wrapped Up for You” book for ideas we all took turns wrapping and being wrapped.

TT4U day 1

Shaunna wrapped





TTouch for Horses was also fabulous.  Robyn is such an inspiration to watch working with animals.  Every day we learned or reviewed new skills and honed one’s learned previously.  Steve tried riding Twist with the neck ring one day, then the Balance Rein the next, and also the Training Bit.  Simone and Sirocco were used to demonstrate some TTouches which could be done when the rider was mounted.  And Robyn showed us “Freework” which is TTEAM’s step between on-line and liberty, and a way to transition from one to the other.tailwork with rider 2belly lift 2earwork with rider

Steve Twist riding neckring walk






Such a wonderful group of people, everyone enthusiastic and helpful, working well as teams, particularly in the new exercise for Horses – “the Bee-line” (previously often used with dogs).  With the soft rope fed under the lower halter strap and a person on each side, it was a challenge to Not Pull, because you couldn’t – or you ended up with all the rope! 🙂  it really showed all of us where our issues lied…. and is a great way to help people learn to use their wands and body language.

Woolly Legs Helen wrapped

Robyn riding Phantom






salem n Robyn day 1Robyn also spent a little time each day helping Salem, our month old foal, learn the start of how to interact calmly with people, and prelimary steps to leading.  With great patience and timing, our wary, baby was soon feeling much more confident.



One evening during the clinic Robyn gave a presentation – Introduction to TTouch for Dogs and other Companion Animals.  The weather, which had been very changeble all week, put on a winter-like storm.  The evening was surprisingly well attended in spite of the rain and wind.  We had planned to expand into the carpark of the factory/shop, The Dog’s Backyard, which volunteered to host the talk,  if numbers were too large, but everyone squashed in down the aisles and around the counter.  The tiny Papillion cross showcased Robyn’s skills and the value of the work brilliantly.  He was an extremely nervous 6yo dog, who constantly shook and quivered, often even at home.  At the end of the demo he lay down and relaxed on top of the counter, carefully supported, and calmly surveyed the audience.  While he was having a PAWS (Pause Allows Wonderous Stillness), Robyn demonstarted the use of Wraps on some of the spectators.talk on Dogs

Next year Robyn may be able to come in late Sept/early Oct.  When approximate dates are set I will be calling for Expressions of Interest accompanied by a non-refundable** 20% deposit ($120), to be paid by the end of March.  IF there are enough people keen to attend – the clinic will go ahead.  **If there is not – it will be cancelled and all deposit money returned.  If the clinic is a goer,  two further payments of $240 each will need to made at the ends of May and July.   Robyn would prefer a minimum of 8 participants for five days, with a maximum of ten.  A TTouch for Companion Animals will most likely be held in Melbourne around the same time.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season and manages to find lots of time to have fun with their horses (and other family 🙂 )



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