Two Wonderful Clinics coming at the end of the year

Life gets so busy I don’t know how people find the time to do regular blog posts!

This is just a quick one to let you know that we are definitely hosting Robyn Hood for another TTouch for Horses (TTEAM) clinic Dec 7 – 11.  Below is what a participant wrote after last year’s clinic:

I am thrilled with the many things I learned and achieved in the recent 5 day TTeam clinic. Looking behind the behaviour we observed what the horse is trying to tell us. We learned to give the horse time to digest and respond to what we were trying to achieve, which built trust, calmness and responsiveness.  TTeam gives lots of options so there are many choices to help the horse respond to our requests. Both of my horses improved immensely which gives me great optimism and confidence to go forward with their training. Our teachers, Robyn and her daughter Mandy are remarkable people with an amazing non-judgemental attitude.

Stephen W.

If you would like to book in for this one click here

Peggy Cummings is planning to come out in January for a Connected Riding Clinic.  We are hoping for a four day clinic 17 -20 January with the option for one or two days for Private Lessons before and after the clinic if there is enough interest.  The Private Lessons would be primarily for people who have attended a Connected Riding clinic previously.  If you haven’t and would like to book one you would need to at least audit for part of the four day clinic so you have some understanding of Peggy’s work.  Book here

Peggy has been described as “The Best Riding Teacher in the Whole  World” (and not just by me 🙂 !)  This is only the second time she has been in Australia for a clinic and I feel very honored that she will be coming here to Mayflower Ridge, the clinic is limited to a maximum of nine riders and although we haven’t yet had prices finalised we have already had four people express definite interest in attending.

Going on last year’s prices in New Zealand it will be approximately $1200/Rider for the four days Clinic, $50/day for Spectators and $220/hour for Private Lessons.  We will need deposits by August 21st to confirm that the clinic goes ahead and the balance will need to be paid by November 1st. (12/7/13 Latest update $40/day for Spectators/Auditors, and only $200/hour for Private Lessons.)

To inspire you to book in  and confirm your place – if you pay your $200 deposit by August 1st there will be a $50 reduction in your final balance payment.  (This will be refunded if the clinic is cancelled).  This was changed to $150 reduction in 4 day fee 1/7/13.  See booking form for details.

I’ve run out of time, but had hoped to describe a little of what I learned in Jenny Pearce’s Fast Track for Teachers course I did recently.  The “Power without Force” is proving incredibly useful.  I haven’t worked out how to transfer the link but have a look at my Facebook page to see the You-tube Frances did of the Working Equitation Intro Day we had here last Saturday , taught by Beccara Lloyd.  My new horse Wirraway Phantom went very well. he is such a nice boy, and Pan went nicely for a friend who borrowed him for the day.  (N.B. Pan is still for sale due to time constraints – there are only so many minutes in each day!  If the right person came along for Mimi or Will I’d probably let them go as well ……  :-0   )

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having


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