Confirmation of Trisha Wren Clinics and Horse Training Date Changes

After some thought and discussion with the people who have booked into the Horse Training Weeks, its become apparent that we needed to change the dates around a little.  I do apologise if this is going to inconvenience anyone who hadn’t yet booked.

We have moved the first week of training forward so that the people who sent their horse for training with Trisha could take the opportunity of also attending a clinic afterwards so they could continue to work with their horse under Trisha’s supervision and to help them learn the skills needed to continue with the work at home.

5 day Horse Training Week #1   Sept 24-28

5 day Horse Training Week # 2  Oct 1 – 5

The clinic dates remain the same :

Clinic #1   Sat 29th – Sun 30th September

Clinic #2   Sat 6th – Sun 7th October.


If you are interested in attending any or all of these please book using the forms on the Upcoming Events page or from the Forms button in the bar at the top of this page.

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