A Busy Year

Amazing how quickly time passes!  I was updating the booking form for an upcoming event, and noticed I haven’t posted anything since late March!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Mandy Pretty will be here in January 2015.  This is so exciting!!!  As well as helping me start my youngster, Stewie,  Mandy is holding a weekend “TTEAM-Connect” clinic, and is also available for Private or Group Lessons during the weeks before and after the clinic, and possibly some horse training as well.  See the links above for more information and the booking form.

Most of the clinic enquiries so far have expressed more interest in the TTEAM or Tellington TTouch for Horses side, but let us know if you are also interested in learning more about Connected Riding.  The clinic will be adapted to suit the interests of participants.  If you are unable to bring a horse it may be possible to work with one of mine.

Since this was arranged at short notice I would really appreciate it if readers could pass on the information to friends, family, riding club members etc to ensure as many people as possible are aware that Mandy will be here in less than two months!!  It will most likely be another few years before she will be able to visit Australia again.  We are so lucky that this opportunity has come up 🙂


I love this quote from Mandy’s web-site, intouchwithyourhorse.com , “Mandy brings her knowledge, humor, positivity and patience to students of all ages”. ( This is absolutely true, Mandy is a wonderful kind teacher, I always enjoy learning with her!  )  “Her mission is to help see horses beyond their innate instincts, recognising concrete reasons for behaviour and finding pragmatic yet forward thinking solutions to problems for horses and riders.”

Hope everyone and their families have a safe and Merry Christmas





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