Horse Training with Trisha Wren in October

After observing how much Mimi improved with four days of Trisha’s help in a row, Trisha came up with a suggestion for next September/October.  I have booked a two day clinic with her on Sat 29th & Sun 30th September (see booking form).

Trisha will stay on for a further week or if there is enough interest, two weeks, in October.  This will be for Horse Training: either Preparing Young Horses for starting (not backing), Rehabilitation (discuss with Trisha what can be covered), Introducing the Horse to Connected Riding, or Advancing Your Horse ie helping your horse make a big leap further in their learning.  The second weekend  (Oct 6-7) could be a second clinic or a time for owners to have a private or shared lesson with their horse after Trisha has worked with them for the previous five days.

Trisha Two-Lining with Mimi, at the start

A few minutes later, head more relaxed, no tail swishing….







Cost: Mon – Fri = $300/week ($250 + $50 agistment per horse)+ cost of lesson after ($80/hour or $150 for two hours; reduced rate per person if shared).  Trisha plans to work each horse daily for at least one session and most likely two per day.  That way she can just do as much as the horse is ready for, then give them a break and bring them out again later in the day to continue.  She will take a maximum of six horses/week.  Owners are welcome to watch their horse being worked.

It may also be possible to book a series of private lessons for your own intensive with Trisha (lesson cost as above).


I’d love to have Trisha help Mimi get that next bit further along, and it might be great to also have Will get a boost in his education after he returns from being started in July.  SO if anyone is also interested in having some Horse Training by Trisha Wren please contact me.  A booking form will be available shortly.


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