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I just tried to edit this so the link to Pan’s For Sale page is at the top, but it tried to delete the whole article…… So please look down 5 paragraphs 🙂

Whoa!  Time is flying past!!  Its hard to believe that its been several months since I’ve made a post to this site and I that I didn’t do one for the TTouch for Horses with Robyn Hood and Mandy Pretty in December or  Trisha Wren’s last two Connected Riding clinics and Horse Trainings in January (although I did post on Facebook….).  They were amazing events and all the participants finished feeling quite enthusiastic and wanting more :-).

So much has been happening in my family life and with my daughter doing Year 12, this year is proving to be as busy, if not more so, than predicted, which is why I hadn’t made plans to host any clinics.  Unfortunately Trisha Wren probably won’t be back here this year, although she is doing clinics near Ballarat and Canberra next month.  You can contact her here if you would like more information about those.

The good news is that Robyn Hood may be here in late November or early December for another TTOUCH for Horses 5 day clinic, IF we can get enough Expressions of Interest NOW or by 30th June at the latest.  We need to avoid the Year 12 final exams, and I think Robyn is planning to attend Equitana, but if there is enough interest dates and prices will be finalised and I will post them here.  So please contact Sue if you might be able to come or know someone else who might like to.

The other person who may be in Australia about that same time is Farah DeJohnette.  I did a clinic with her last year and absolutely loved her approach to Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals. (Farah is an accredited teacher).  She showed me how to take the liberty work into work on-line and then into riding.  If she comes, and IF there is enough interest in this area, we may be able to host a clinic for her here at Mayflower Ridge.          So again, please contact Sue if you might be interested.

Sadly I have decided to sell Pan (aka Pantalaimon or Mt Tawonga Barwon).  This has been a difficult decision, as I passionately love this horse, but its time for him to find his next love.  Click on the link below to see the ad I’ve drafted for him.

ad for Pan vers 2

Well it looks like winter is starting to make itself felt this week.  I have really been enjoying the mild Autumn weather we’ve been having, and we may get more, but the oldies have their rugs on today, and no-one protested :-).  The last few months I have been trying to consolidate as much of the information as I remember from all those fantastic clinics I attended last year, plus doing Jenny Pearce’s on-line course.  I feel my skills have improved both on the ground and in the saddle, with a heightened awareness and appreciation of the bond I have with each of my wonderful equine companions.

On Mondays we have been having informal Practice Days, if interested please ring me, because sometimes we have changed the venue or had to cancel.  A couple of clinic participants have also made appointments on other days during the week to get together and share what we remember.  If you would like to join in contact Sue or ring 5626 8226.

Hope you are having joyful connections


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